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*Vacant Homes

* New Construction

Our fees are $95.00 per hour (To Re stage a home on a average takes 3 to 6 hours)

All Properties types...All Price Points... In a few hours you'll have a Dramatic Difference .

The Best Home Staging/Re Staging in Charlotte Area and North and South Carolina.

Having trouble selling your home?If yore ready to sell your house and want superb home staging advice and techniques that will help, then call us. 

HOME Staging

*Occupied Homes

As experts at home staging, A Dream Space- Home Decorating bring years of experience and talent to the field. We offer full staging packages, open house preparation, consultative services and unpacking at your new location, and much more!Call us for more information.


Because first impressions matter.

Faster sales time:

Positive impression :

Less than a minute: Research has shown that buyers initially make up their mind in less than a minute on whether they want a home or not.

Ready to move in Staged homes appear to be in “Ready to move-in” condition.

Competitive advantage Staged homes have a competitive advantage over other homes that are not staged.

Well maintained Staged homes give off the appearance of being well-maintained and cared for. This is the underlying psychological message that is sent to potential buyers.

Appraisers Appraisers see the home in a more positive light and are more likely to appraise the home higher than a similar non-staged home.

Shown more Properly staged homes are showing much more often by Realtors. For they, enjoy showing a property that is attractive and excites buyers. Well staged homes are always at the top of the list when it comes to which homes an agent will show.

Extra showings Homes which do not meet a buyers exact criteria, but which are well staged, often get shown anyway;.

Higher sales price The better home shows, the more that it will sell for.We then provide you with a detailed synopsis of our specific & customized recommendations.

Need a House Staging by our Home Decorators?

Call Now: 980*253*6988

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